6.1   Notification to workers and frontline workforces


Frontline workers shall receive information regarding to the Spill Response Plan during the site induction training carried out by the EO / ES at the site because any chemical spill is considered as a safety and environmental issue. All workers involved with handling chemicals and oils shall be supervised. Therefore, it is important that all site supervisors (senior foreman and foreman) are trained to conduct necessary procedures for spill control practices.  Workers that are constantly involved in handling hazardous chemicals and oils shall receive the appropriate training to the handle spill as well.


This training and briefing should be carried out by a member of the EO / ES at the site area.



Notified the workers


Environmental Officer /

Environmental Supervisor

Worker safety


Clearing up

Correct disposal

Reporting spills

All Workers

All Supervisors

All Foreman

Types of sensitive receivers

Locations of these receivers

Methods to protect these receivers

Need for prompt action

Workers usually involved with hazardous chemicals or oil.

All Supervisors

All Foreman


In the event of spillage, the worker(s) noticing a spill shall notify his supervisor immediately, who shall contact the Site Engineer / Foreman, EO and ER immediately. Responsible personnel shall instruct Emergency Team Leader or his delegate for any course of action to contain the spill.  Responsible person(s) shall report to the spill area and follow up on the action required to contain the spill. The patrol car would dispatch immediately to the site of spill and spillage control kit will be used to contain the spill.


As soon as the spill made known to the senior foreman and / or foreman, and if any of the chemical or oil escaped into the marine environment, relevant parties shall be notified for support as needed. Incident report would be submitted to ER within 2 working days after the incident.  For the contacts of relevant parties please refer to Table 2.2 for more details. The Contractor will follow the procedures attached in Appendix B.


6.2   Training - workers and frontline workforces


The onsite workers will receive training from Environmental Officer or his delegate regarding the measures outlined in this Plan during the Site Specific Environmental Induction Training. The Environmental Officer or his delegate shall conduct Tool Box Talks with the site workers regarding this Plan quarterly. All site workers will be required to receive this training. Refreshment training for the Site Specific Environmental Induction Training is conducted bi-yearly. Emergency drill will be conducted with the Emergency Response Team bi-yearly.


6.3   Location of Spill Kits


One set of spillage control kit would be provided at site area WA4 and stored at the entrance of the Temporary Chemical Waste Container.  Another 2 sets of Spill Kits would be equipped at work places at HKBCF working zone ready for use if spillage occurred. 1 set of Spill Kits would be stored at patrol car.


Foremen and engineers would be notified by EO of the locations of the spillage control kits.